Thursday, January 31, 2008

weigh-in day

So today was weigh-in day for Christi and I. I lost 2.6 lbs this week, better than last week I guess! Hopefully by next weigh-in I will keep that number going up and will be under 120, that would be great.. I hope all of you are doing well!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Names You Go By: 1) Holler Doller (my grandma calls me that!) 2) mom
Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: 1) cute brown silk headband 2) blue corduroy pants
Two things you Want (or have) in a Relationship: 1) unconditional love 2) Tenderness
Two of Your Favorite Things to do: 1) Write! 2) Curl up with a really good book and read uninterrupted.
Two things you did last night 1) watched the biggest loser 2) showered
Two people you Last Talked To: 1) My hubby Tim 2) Christi
Two Things You're doing tomorrow: 1) Tae Bo 2) Weighing-in and hopefully seeing results!
Two Longest Car Rides: 1) Colorado To Oregon 2) Oregon To Utah-I need to travel more!
Two Favorite Holidays 1) Valentines day 2)Other peoples birthday ( I like to do things for people)
Two Favorite Drinks: 1) Cherry Coke 2) Raspberry Lemonade-Crystal Light
Two Things About Me you may not have known: 1) I had a complete hysterectomy at 28 2) I wrote a book when I was 15 (I never did anything with it though LOL!)
Two jobs I have had in my life: 1) Telemarketer at good 'ole Western Watts 2) HVAC tech at sears
Two Movies I would watch over and over: 1) The Notebook for a good cry (even my husband cried at this one!) 2) Napolean Dyamite for a good cheesy laughathon
Two of my Favorite Foods: 1) Pasta-now nearly forbidden 2) Toss-up between potatoes and warm homemade bread-also nearly forbidden now!
Two places I'd rather be right now: 1) On a warm beach with my hubby, and me in a cute swimsuit that doesnt frighten anyone! 2) With all my girlfriends dishing dirt!
Did you learn something about me?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Does coughing like mad count as sit-ups? =)

So I am sick. Yeah, this stinkin' bronchitis is crappy. I am ok throughout the day, but once the night hits,and the first thing in the morning, it's mighty yucky. Do any of you actually know how many stomach muscles you use when you cough? I dont, but I estimate it at somewhere near, oh, a bazillion! So I am being overly dramatic, but thats ok because I think maybe it is mimicking the sit-up. So maybe I shouldn't be complaining, maybe I should be thanking the bronchitis God's, and maybe some of you will be begging me to come drink from your crystal light goblets just so you too can share in the coughing-fit-almost-like-sit-ups-sickness. Well, I do like all of you, so we'll see......

Friday, January 25, 2008

what do you think?

There's this new show on cable called "How To Look Good Naked" with that Carson guy from Queer eye for the straight guy. Anyways, it takes these women who have issues with their bodies, and proves to them that every one of us has a kawonkis view of our bodies. He asks what they feel their worst parts are while he makes them stand in a 360 mirror in their bra's and panties. This is filmed in a large city, I think New York, and at the start of the show he puts their pic, the one of them in their unmentionables, up on the side of this like 15 story building and he has passerby's comment-both sexes on this body. He then has the woman go into a room with REAL sized beautiful women who are all lined up also in undies. He asks them to place themselves in this line-up where thay believe themselves to be according to size of this body part they feel is too large, for instance one was a butt. She felt her behind was just enormous! So all these ladies turn around and all she has to do is stand in the place she believes her butt size falls next. Of course she put herself in the largest spot! Then Carson points out, very lovingly, that she actually has the smallest butt-she had added like 6 inches to her behind! Every one of these women has a view of herself that is NOT correct. Then after a mini makeover, new unders he tells them its time for a photo shoot, and the surprise they have no idea about is that they get to do it naked! They have these silk peces draped in all the right places, but then they put the naked pic up on the same building and this time the woman in question has to ask passerbys if they think she looks good naked! I love this show. First because it has real shaped women on it, second, it proves that we all have untrue views of ourselves, third, it opened my eyes to the fact that maybe I am not seeing myself the way others see it and that I should see myself for more than what shape I am. There was an interesting question posed on one show though. Who is harder on women being judged for their bodies, men or other women? It's women! It's true, be honest with yourself. We have the opportunity to impact one another and break the horrible cycle of everything from low self esteem, eating disorders, suicide. We have the power in our reach and we abuse it by being to harsh on ourselves and eachother. I am so glad for this opportunity to be a part of this group, we support eachother, and I don't even know half of you-but I appreciate all of you! This show is on Fridays, so tonight-check your local listings, it's a good one ladies!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

not all pounds

So today's weigh in wasn't all that grand. I only lost 1 1/2 pounds over the last week. But we did measurements and so far I have lost a grand total of 18 1/2 inches all over! So this is good. I am almost down to my pre pregnancy waist measurement which is exciting.
mom brought me her tae Boe tape-thanks mom! I am excited to start that, Christi and I are going to get together a couple times a week to do it. I just really need the high pace of Tae Boe! Even though I have lost a lot of inches I still don't feel like I look any different.
I hope everyone elses week is good. Thanks for all of your support ladies!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what a day!

This morning I took my 8 year old daughter to the doctors. We found out she has full blown asthma! I thought she would most likely have sports asthma, but apparently it's more than that. Now she is on a daily medication for maintenance and has to carry around a rescue inhaler.
Yesterday was crazy snowy here! The same daughter was in the car with me when we were rear-ended. I got some whiplash so the right side of my neck is really sore. Thank goodness my husband is a massage therapist! He massaged my neck and back for like an hour and a half. She was sore yesterday but says she is okay today.
Christi came over today after she watched my kids this morning-THANK YOU SIS!!!!! We "relaxed" and she made these really awesome applesauce bran muffins. Girls, they are so great! Ask her for the recipe.
I think I have been doing pretty good with my points. I still don't understand all of the ww points system, but thanks to y'all for trying to help me get it. I am trying to get my mom to lend me her tae boe starter tape for some cardio.
Tonight I am off to the NICU. I volunteer there on Tuesdays as part of a parent support network program that offers support for parents with preemies (I had three preemies). I have started trying to go more often, I miss it when I don't go!
Well ladies, good luck to all of you this week in your goals and endeavors!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Please help me figure this out!

So I was out of yogurt this morning. I went to the store and after searching everywhere and nearly giving up, I found weight watchers yogurt. It said it was only 1 point, so I hurried up and bought it and came home. As I am eating it I am studying the back and to my surprise it says calorie content is 100 calories, and it only has 3 grams of fiber. So now I am flippin' confused! Isn't one point 50 calories? Doesn't there have to be 4 or more grams of fiber to minus a point? If someone can explain to me maybe in more detail how I am supposed to be using, or rather calculating my 21 daily points so I am doing it correctly I would so much appreciate it! Thanks ladies..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

same old same...

I weigh the exact same as last week! I dont know whether to be mad or glad about that..I had hoped for better loss, but this last week was kind of hard being pre-ovulating, I craved sweets something fierce. Well, I guess I know what I need to do to be better for next week, huh? Thank goodness for blue bunny low calorie bars though or else I may have gained a bunch LOL! Good, or I should say BETTER luck to all of you other ladies in your weigh-ins. *sigh*

Monday, January 14, 2008

Is today over yet?

I missed breakfast today... I got up with the kids at 6 am today which is crazy! We had back to back dentist appointments at 8 and 9 and had to leave the house by 7:25 in order to get to north Provo by 8. Chantelle was first and last week at her check up I had warned the dentist that she was very scared due to her last appointment (at the mall dental group) where the dentist held her down while he gave her painful shots and drilled her teeth. It was a horrific traumatic experience for her and so needless to say we will never go back there again! We went to a dental office that actually I went to when I was younger and I am gonna plug this dentist, his name is Owen Wolfgramm, because he was the most kind and patient dentist, and he's not even a pediatric dentist. It took her 45 minutes of hysterics (while on the gas) dreading the shots, and all the while he kept explaining each and every step to her and reassuring her until finally he said he was not going to force her and we could do it another day. So Tyler was up, he had 5 cavities and of course didn't even flinch! Dr. Wolfgramm allowed not only Chantelle, but the other 3 kids in to watch the movie and he explained every step to chantelle as he had her by his side, even showing her the instruments and putting them on her skin so she could feel them. He was so incredible!! After Tyler was finished, Chantelle asked him if she could please try one more time, and he agreed. She sat there and was a perfect patient after that and got a cavity plus a root canal done! I am seriously considering having the younger girls transfer over to this office from the pediatrics. We got out of the Dentist at 11 and had to go and get some liquid advil and her pain medication at the pharmacy. We got home at 11:45, I fixed Jordan lunch and then took him to school. I just had Chantelle stay at home with the girls for the three minutes it took and by the time I got back she was walking around the house holding her mouth and crying. So I have drugged her up (poor girl!) and now have to fix lunch for the other girls and then we have errands to run. After errands it will be time for out of school, then snacks, then homework then chores, then dinner then bath then bed-somewhere in there I will try to take a deep breath-then time to exercise! Tomorrow Alexis has her yearly check-up at the doctors at 9 am in north Orem so we get to do another crazy day! Well enough chewing your ears off. I just want to say thank you for everyones support. I actually look forward to my days now, despite the normal craziness that accompanies them, because I am making daily goals that I am actually accomplishing. Life is good ladies! I hope y'all have a great day =)...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

To find the calorie value for any food and tons of major restaurants, go to

to help laugh your butt off

This guy actually moves into IKEA for a week in New York, and documents his stay! Can you imagine?!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

cool site

looking around on the internet today, I discovered a site that will tell you how many calories you burn for nearly every activity you do during the day dependant on your weight and duration of that activity. You would be shocked at how many calories are burned when you put down the mop and get on your hands and knees to scrub your floor! the site is then go under health and fitness and click on calorie burning calculator, and have fun!

Monday, January 7, 2008

So I am off!

WOW! I didn't realize how much I would change things around for this challenge. I was the one who always had an aerobics class all through high school, then ran 5 miles every day until I got pregnant with my son who is now 10 1/2 because it was doctor ordered that I stay inactive. That was so hard, then there were 4 more kids to follow, and as I could have exercised in between babies, I thought "what the heck, it's gonna get ruined with the next pregnancy anyways, right?" So the last 3 1/2 years since my last baby was born I have had some pretty serious health issues to deal with and I cant help to wonder that if I had actually been in shape and healthy, would these have been a problem, or would they have been less traumatic on my body? hind sight is 20/20 huh? so I am so excited, no thrilled is more the word, to be able to get back to exercising! I do have to say that a decade of near inactivity is defineately visible everywhere and you all get to see the total ugliness of all of me, but I know the end result will be great.

So one of the first things I started doing last week was eating three meals a day. those of you who know me know this in itself is an incredible feat! it has been pretty hard too, since my ulcer ruptured and I developed the H-pilori, eating is almost an after thought in my day. Eating is actually painful if I do it more than once. So triplying my daily meal was really hard. But I know that my metabolism has nearly ceased to work at all and I also know the only way to rev it up is to retrain it with food. Breakfast consists of a low fat yoplait yogurt, 1 piece of whole wheat toast with raspberry jam and about 6 oz. of 2% milk. lunch comes too quickly but I eat again anyhow.. Lunch has so far been a ham sandwich with tomato on whole wheat, and I am actually measuring out the mayo! then I may or may not have the 11 barb-qued chips and I am now drinking crystal light. Dinner is whatever we are having, but with smaller portions.

Next I admitted to myself that I am addicted to cherry coke.. This is a sacrifice that hurts to give up. I now drink almost all water or crystal light, which you guys is really really good! I bought some coke zero for when I have those cravings I cant control, it has zero calories and zero fat and I was weary when I bought it, but I gotta tell you, its pretty darn good too.

Next, I realized that in order for me to actually exercise, I will need to do it before kids wake up, or after they are in bed. Research shows that a work out is more energizing and beneficial when done in the morning. So that meant I had to rearrange my sleeping habits. To bed earlier and awake earlier by one hour. Girls, I love my sleep! And I may love my late night rituals just as much! Beauty is pain....

And now to my exercising. I am too poor right now to join a gym. This has to wait until tax returns, so I have to use creativity for the next month or month and a half. I am doing a lot of toning exercises for the inner and outer thighs, the butt, the back (nothing says sexy like a toned back girls!), the tummy, the chest(I will be sad to lose the twins =( ), and of course the relief society arms. I know I need cardio and I am salivating at the thought of running again. I remember that as my stress relief, theres nothing like feeling your feet pound the pavement and with it all your stress disappearing with each step. But I will defineately have to work up to the 5 miles a day. BYU did a study that proved that cardio done before toning gives you more of a benefit than the other way around, so I am looking at what I can do for cardio indoors. Maybe a dvd or video?

Well thats all for now. I will update again later. Thanks for listening girls!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm here!

So, another year has gone and here I am. Still a mom of five, still a wife (for 12.5 year now), and still not happy with who I see when I look in the mirror.

I am so excited to have the support of all of you ladies. You are helping me to stand accountable for, well, ME. I hope, no ~ I know that within the next 6 months I will become proud of myself and all of you ladies as well.

Keep watching to see my hips shrink and my confidence grow!!