Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not much to say

ROTFL I just have to say that I saw the funniest movie recently. I have not laughed so hard in so long, and it was totally what I needed. We went to the good ole' dollar movies and saw "Yes Man", with Jim Carrey. I thought initially it would be somewhat like his movie "liar, liar" because it seemed like somewhat of the same concept. It wasn't though! If any of you have not seen it, I am still laughing about this part, and it made me think of a lot of you girls who met on the photography boards. There's this girl who is kinda kooky, and she starts this group called Jogging Photography! She says it's to get exercise while taking pictures LOL!!! She admits that yes, there's not much want for blurry photos, and Jim's character says " But anyone can take a picture standing still"! So, I throw out a challenge to y'all who are photogs. Try it, see how you do taking a picture that's great while jogging!

I also came across something in a readers digest magazine the other day. I haven't tried this, because it's not something I think would come out very cute for myself. But for some of you who want some extra motivation go to you upload a current picture of yourself and it will show you what your body will look like 20 lbs lighter. Who knows, could be fun!

I hope everyone is doing well. keep the positive outlooks...

Friday, February 6, 2009


well, one month down. Congrats to Karilynn, hon you deserve it!!! Thanks to all of you who said nice things about my photos, too bad I don't see even a bit of difference. I lost 7lbs and over 8 inches, 5 being in my thighs, but other than my clothes feeling a bit different, I feel the same...

Onto something more exciting, my son Ty who is in 6th grade took first place at his schools science fair yesterday!! He gets to go onto regional which will be next month. I was the proudest mama there ever was yesterday, I was actually jumping up and down and screaming when he called me from school to tell me the news. Only 6 projects out of hundreds made the cut so to speak, and he took first! Thanks for letting me brag on him for a minute ;).

Good job to all of you girls who have worked so hard. Look at the total combined weight we have lost, that in itself is so amazing! We should try to get a local business to match pound to dollar each one we lose and then donate it to a really great cause at the end, like breast cancer or something. I hope to see more of you this month for our girls night!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

weigh In

Hey ladies! I have been out of posting mode for a bit, and I apologize. I weighed in this morning and am happy to say that I have lost all the weight I aimed for except for 1/2 a pound, which means I lost 7 1/2 pounds. I am happy with the weight loss, I am happier though about noticing a difference in my clothes fitting. I am still going for the inches to come off, I will have pictures and mesaurements up hopefully today :). All of you have been such an inspiration and I am so proud of y'all! I hope that we all keep the support and knowledge sharing as we continue to be the best we can each day. I know it has been a struggle for us, the first month always is-think of it like a training period for our bodies. Keep up the good work ladies!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

same old same

Weigh in today, no change..I think we all kinda feel like we are stuck. It's easy to get frustrated and wanna give up! We all need to remember that this is a journey, every week is not going to be sucessful. If it were so easy, we wouldn't all be at the point we are at! I hope everyone can continue to keep a positive attitude and support one another. Here's to a great week!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

You guys Rock!

Thanks so much for all of your great words and support. I am so over what my lovely daughter told me yesterday. I think I was already frustrated because I have been an emotional wreck the last week or so. I had to have a hysterectomy a few years ago (at age 27) and was "fortunate" enough to have one ovary left. I was told it would save me form hormone replacement therapy in the long run, I thought putting up with the continual ovarian cysts, extreme belly pain and ovulation from hell would be worth it to avoid hormones. But the last month I have started having massive hot flashes like right after the surgery, I have horrid insomnia on top of my girls having night terrors so it feels like I am half asleep all day. Then there's my hormones!! I am irrational and emotional and I internally pick on myself all day. That's why I was so excited to do this, I know y'all look at me and wonder why I would want to lose weight. Really, I don't care about losing the weight! I really just want to re-train my brain to think rationally about loving myself before I drive myself and my poor husband crazy. I want to also be healthy, aerobically I am nearly dead. I would guarantee any one of you ladies could kick my butt aerobically, I know that its important to change that to make my organs healthier. I also have wanted to tone up for years. Having babies changes our bodies. We basically sacrifice ourselves for them from the moment of conception!! Thank your mothers ladies, they did the same for us. So, when Lexi said that it took me by surprise and it kinda stung. I know that my arms aren't that bad, but it is an area I do want to work on. If anyone has any great arm workouts, I would appreciate your input! And thank you so much again for your support, it means so much to me!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm depressed.....

So, I'm sitting on the couch a few minutes ago. I'm bummin' around in my "dont pollute my planet" T-shirt cuz all I've been doing is cleaning the house. Lexi, my next-week-will-be-six-year-old daugter comes and sits down beside me and starts playing with my arm. Right as I go to flex for her she says "momma, your arms are all flabby!" I almost started to cry!!! Tim piped up and was like "lexi, that was really rude and you need to apologize to your mother. You don't say things like that" But honestly, it was the truth coming out of a very observant little girl who was not trying to hurt my feelings, she doesn't make things better than they are either by trying to flatter. I guess I need to first, teach her some tact, and then get a really good exercise to tone them up.... =(

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Good Idea?

So, this may seem really random, but I know that a lot of us are eating the Yoplait light yogurts. They have a promotion going on right now called the pound for pound challenge. Each lid that is saved and sent in to yoplait is worth 10 cents towards fighting hunger in America. I have at least a dozen, but I was thinking that if we all saved them and collected them to send in, we could help make a difference for someone who needs it out there. The economy has hit a lot of families and the news is filled with people who are struggling. Just a thought because I know that we look at those lids and think "my 12 wont make that much of a difference, why bother" and we really could make a difference if we all did it. Lemme know what you think, I will send them in myself regardless but it would be nice to possibly change someone elses circumstances in life while we change ours =).