Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weigh-in today

So It seems as if I am in a bit of a stump! Gone are the weeks of decent loss, and in its place are bitty little numbers. This week I lost a little over 1 and a half pounds. Which by all means I am not going to complain about! Its funny, I almost dont care what the scale says at all anymore! I feel like I am moving in the right direction, so all I can do from here is try my best not to cheat myself out of becoming healthier. So I hope all you ladies are doing well, with the weekend coming up, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and that you can resist the temptations that beckon to you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Too Funny

So I sign on my computer with MSN. The homepage is one I normally just skip to get where I am wanting to go, however yesterday I looked on it for a minute and found this: "In The Motherhood" and it was flippin' hillarious! It has a bunch of people in it, 3 main characters are Chelsea Handler and Jenny Mcarthey and Leah Remini. They are on season two, so make sure you check out the first season on there too. I love the one called something like the preacher, the panties and the policeman, I think I will definately keep watching this one, I was laughing so hard! My kids I think became concerned at one point, but I needed that laugh! So the link is : go laugh yourself silly!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reasons to lose weight

I have read everyone elses blogs about their individual reasons for wanting to be apart of this experience, and I feel like you have already answered the question for me! A lot of what you ladies have said, is exactly how I feel. One of my main reasons, is that I feel like over the last few years, I have not been able to be in control of my own body. I have had so many health issues, no energy, a lot of pain, and I dont like what I see in the mirror. I want my body to be in synch with my age. I am 30 years old and yet every day I feel like my body is betraying me. I dont seem to have the basic energy to do normal things. I feel guilty that I am not a more active part of my kids daily activities. I used to plan such fun activities for them, from scavenger hunts, to picnics at the park. I dont have the energy anymore! I want to not feel self conscious of my body, I dont want to make excuses for myself this year for why I dont want to go to the pool with my family-and when I do, I dont want to have to wear the swim shorts to cover myself up. I want to plat tag when it warms up without falling down from exhaustion after two minutes and giving up my turn. I want to be able to get fit enough to be able to run again, I used to look forward to that part of my day. It made my stress less, I worked out problems I dare say I could never have solved any other way- while my feet pounded the cement. My main goal is to just become healthier. This started out for me as just a contest, a number that I wanted to accomplish on the scale. But it has become so much more for me. I know a lot of you wonder why I am in this contest. You look at me and you think to yourselves, she is already thin, what is she doing? I can see it on your faces and thats ok! My purpose isn't to be a size one, my purpose it to become healthier then I have been the last 4 years and take back control of MY life, of MY destiny to be the best mom and wife and person I can be. There were two very serious health scares during this period where I was so sick I could have easily left this earth. Lying in an ICU bed with blood transfusions dripping into your body because you have lost so much of your own blood that its your only choice, that makes you think a lot about your life, about your future. This is my chance to make sure that I allow every opportunity for my body to be as strong as it can be. So thats it, thats my reason. I appreciate all of your support in helping me accomplish this chapter in my life!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Weigh-in day

So we weighed in a day late because yesterday was so crazy. I lost 2 and a half pounds since last week, and only have 9 and a half pounds left to lose before I reach my goal!!!! I came to a realization after last weeks total devistation (in my own crazy mind). I have been relying way too much on what the scale says, I know, all my blasphemous advice to y'all about that not mattering-and I realized it did matter to me, more than it ever should. SO I decided that I dont care what the flippin' scale said this week, I felt good about myself. I have finally noticed a difference in my body, along with my husband, and I was gonna be proud of myself and my accomplishements this far no matter what! So neener neener neener stupid scale!!! Oh, wait, it WAS nice to me this week, LOL!!! I cant have it both ways now can I?!
How was everyones Valentines day? I hope love was in the air for everyone!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Losing nearly 3 people!

Do you all realize that if we make our weight loss goals, together we will have lost over 450 pounds?!!!! That is complete craziness!!! Just thought I would share!

Friday, February 8, 2008

leave it to a kids show..

Ok, so this morning this show came on TLC for my kids and I wasn't paying attention to it because I was writing my new Post. I went and got them breakfast and came back in the livingroom to read everyone elses blog. Out of nowhere this duck starts saying:
"If you've got a big job to do, you can do it -dont quit
do it little by little and you will accomplish it!"
HaHa, leave it to a kids show to tell a grown-up what they should be doing! I got a kick out of it so I thought I'd share (if you read the post below you know what I am talking about, if not then read below!!!).


So last night was the annual Chocolate Extravaganza for the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center neo-natal intensive care unit, I am a volunteer with the parent network. We help out at the event yearly to help raise money for much needed life saving equiptment, and programs, like the one I assist with which helps parents cope with the stress and emotional aspects of having their baby in the NICU. I look forward to it every year! However, this year I had mixed feelings about it. Not for the cause, but for the food! The food is extraordinary ladies. They have stations all over where a different chef is cooking something wonderful. they had chocolate fountains everywhere, milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel-and everything you could dream to dip into these fountains. They had chinese food in these cute boxes, shrimp, quiche, meatballs, chicken in a jamaican jerk sacue on a skewere, carved beef with a bourbon sauce, Pork tenderloin with a raspberry chardonay sauce, mini cheesecakes in every flavor, chocolate mousse cakes, chocolate brownies, chocolate fudge dipped in chocolate....I could go on and on, and yes, we got to eat! I was so tempted to just say "screw it!" because this last week I was so dilligent with all of my exercise and eating, and I lost a mere 6 ounces. I was so depressed yesterday and I seriously considered giving up and deleting this blog. And so last night when I was surrounded by all this decadence looking around, I realized that even if I were to give up on the BL, I couldn't give up on my goal to become slim and healthy! I appreciate all of your support and it would be so hard to do it without your help, so thank you ladies for helping me to resist the temptation at last nights "heaven". I didn't resist everything, I had saved points ALL week to be able to eat, but I realized even eating small amounts, I was kinda sick. Which Sucked big time!!!!! Then to top it off they give these gift bags to all the people who spent the $150 a plate, plus who knows how much on auction items (We had vacation packages from France, to Hawaii auctioned off! We even had a quilt that went for 500 bucks!) And they also give them to the volunteers who helped. Of course you guessed it, filled with chocolate. The only thing not chocolate was a 25$ gift certificate to RC Willey, I cant be tempted to eat that! The truffles and raspberry sticks will be more of a temptation, but I have realized that my self control is way better than I've given myself credit for in the past. I will give most of it to my hubby, but save some for myself to eat small amounts of over a LOOONG time. So that was my night, I hope everyone else had self control last night, and I hope that everyone else doesn't let the number on the scale get them too defeated. We really are all doing so well with our goals and one month of losing doesn't define us. So everone pat yourselves on the back and keep your chins up, WE ROCK!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Newest Workout Craze

So I am trying to have an open mind, I went to DI the other day and got a whole bunch of workout tapes. Among them, Richard Simmons "No If Ands Or Butts About It", which hey, I have heard tesimonials ladies ( Rickie Lake swears by him LOL!). I just wanted a video to target those areas. However, it became very apparent after previewing it that muting it and using my own music would be ABSOLUTELY necessary. Who, and I ask this sincerely, can stay on track during warm-up when Richard is saying "Bump and grind baby, we gotta work it all!" as he is gyrating around the stage to a blues band playing "you gotta have faith" in the background?! And "sheesh-aaaughh" comes after every move, and for no apparent reason he will break out in song and scream "HALLELUJAH!!!" Even Alexis who is used to seeing me work it said "momma, this is a really weird one"! Man, I think The day I previewed it without actually doing it had me burning calories from laughing so hard! It does have some good exercises though, so the question is posed-How bad do you want it? Do you ladies want it Richard Simmons bad?!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm in mourning

I just cant believe my luck,
That this is now my chest!
It may not seem a sacrafice
For me to look my best.
But through nursing all 5 babies,
The "girls" have lost enough!
I had learned to love them,
(though for my hubby it's been rough)
And now the twins are leaving me,
Which is sad and plain unfair!
Lose weight, we lose our assets,
& men-they get to keep theirs!
So if you have suggestions
To overcoming this hard loss,
I'd truly be appreciative-
What a price this weight loss costs!