Monday, April 21, 2008

Ok, so it has been not only obvious to myself, but other readers have basically told me that well, I SUCK!! I have been absolutely horrible at posting and I pray that you may all forgive me as I am on bended knee begging you!!!!

This past week was spring break for the kids. I watched the downstairs little boy for 4 days which kinda screwed everything up for going places. We wouldn't all fit into the car! But I did make a hundred bucks which is the first amount of money to go into the pot for my BJ (that stands for boob-job sick minded ladies!) and that is very exciting. Only 3650 more to go LOL!

I was super excited that the kids went back to school today needless to say. But I was very naughty and I ate a lemon hostess pie. BAD BAD BAD!! I ate it and then looked at the back. Ladies, not a good idea. There are 10 points in one of those!!!!! I almost threw up I was so disgusted with myself. I will do better tomorrow. I also had to learn a very hard lesson last week when I ate like crap all day. I was so freakin' sick, and it lasted for 4 days. Bad stuff y'all, I will never do that again.

I joined a gym, finally! I laugh at myself for this one for the fact that I lost all my weight before I even joined one! Kinda silly huh? Now that I achieved weight loss my goals have changed to continuing to become more aerobically (that is so not a word, but oh well!) healthy, and to tone more. Don't be surprised if you see me gain some weight as I add more muscle to me.

I am really excited about our girls over nighter for the final weigh-in! I really hope we can all make it-hint, hint! Carrie is coming all the way from Georgia, so it would be really great if everyone else could make the effort to be there. We will have such a blast, and after this journey you should all be so proud of yourselves and this should be a wonderful reward. Your hubbies can take care of the kids for one night and although its a sacrafice for them to do it, we all deserve it! So enough of my soapbox...

I hope everyone is doing great. It was a really tough month for everyone but we can get back on track ladies. Thanks to you all for such awesome support. And oh yeah, your forgiveness LOL!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's been a while

so I have sucked at posting. I should be punished! I do however have great news as far as weighing goes. Drumroll please.... I weighed in today at 111.5!!! I will have to have Christi help me post the pic of my weight and the pic I took last week in my bikini. Yes I got into a bikini!! Well last night I burned 6 of my fingertips and 4 now have honker blisters on them so typing even this much is like torture. Good luck to all..