Friday, May 16, 2008

hello all!

Hello ladies,
This week has just flown by! I cant believe that it's already Friday. Today my oldest daughter Telle, said that she was excited to only have 9 days of school left after today. HOLY CRAP!!! Is it seriously that close to chaos now?! I love, and also hate summer. I love that I get to spend more time with my kids, and I hate that I get to spend so much time with my kids. Ok, LOl, that came out wrong I think! I dont hate spending time with them, it's just that I am such a protective mama and I need to learn how to let go a little and let my kids spread their wings. If I could learn how to do that, there would not be so much whining and asking constantly to do this and that with him or her and ladi dadi doo. Enough of that rant!

So I was eating funky flavored taffy last night courtesty of mr. T. and I was scamming the headlines when I came across a picture that made my heart sink. The earthquake that hit China on Monday has been well journalized. This picture was of a mother cradling her son after he was pulled dead from the rubble of his elementary school. The launguage of a mothers love is universal, it transcends all language barriers and continents, the anguish and sorrow in this mothers face documented in the form of a simple picture left me speachless. Tim and I had been joking and laughing only moments before and now I was transfixed looking at picture after picture of this country literally devistated by this. Parents cleaning their childrens hands sacredly before they were buried in mass graves to avoid decomp problems, a wife lying down beside her dead husband in the street refusing to let him be moved, can you imagine yourself faced with such horror-could you let your child go? I think my child would have to be torn from my arms...There was a story about a teenage girl who was trapped so horribly that both her legs had to be amputated before she could be moved and she was one of the lucky ones.. They go on and on and make you heartsick. My kids saw me a horrible mess after Katrina, I bawled for days feeling so helpless and had I had the opportunity I would have given the clothes off my back! I don't know about anyone else, but it makes me feel helpless and sad, and desperate, and more grateful then I can ever express. It also makes me think that no matter what, each day is a gift with those we care about and love, we could have an earthquake here tomorrow, where would our babies and husbands be? What would we give to hold them one more time, to tell them that we love them, to take back something we said or did? I pray for all those who are affected by tradgedy in their live, whether its out there for the world to view or personal. It makes griping about gas prices and having kids home for summer break just downright assanine. Well, enough depressing y'all for one day!

So good luck to Melissa tomorrow running the 5K at Thanksgiving Point. Kick butt girl, and thanks for hanging out with me yesterday, it was a lot of fun! I have the NICU reunion tomorrow which should be fun. It's always so awesome to see all the babies now growing so big and doing so awesome!

I hope everyone else is doing ok. Keep your chins up and keep on keepin' on LOL!

Monday, May 12, 2008

really on the nose

My friend Della has a really cool blog. She is also really great at posting each and every day! Yes, I know, I suck. I have already admitted my suckiness and am looking for a "suckiness help group" in my area. Now, I mention Della because she posted yesterday, BTW HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY TO ALL YOU LADIES!!! And in her wishes of all thats good, she posted a 2 minute long anthem to mothers. Ya'll have to check it out! I watched it at like 1 in the morning-thank you insomnia-and I had to cover my mouth so as not to wake my house! It's this woman who made into a song everything we mothers say in a 24 hour period to our kids. I was rolling on the floor, so get your laugh in for the day and check her out!
Ok, weight wise I gained about half a pound this month. I am in no way sad about this now weighing 112 because Tim and I joined a gym about 6 weeks ago and I have been doing alot of muscle building and toning, and I expect to be gaining muscle now,as I think I lost all the fat that was available to lose. I absolutely love the weight machines, the treadmill and the eliptical. It is great to have a kid old enough to babysit for short periods of time. Ty is almost 11 and a pretty responsible kid, he does a great job and besides the ther kids are in bed by the time we go.
So that is pretty much all that is going on. I am trying to prepare for summer break coming up, but can you ever prepare for that?!