Thursday, December 4, 2008

Silly kids

My kids, or rather my two little ones, have been cracking me up the last few days. Yesterday Maddi (4) Woke up grumpier than all get out. Exasperated I looked at Lexi and said "man, she didn't wake up on the right side of the bed!" And Lexi looked at me and said " actually mom, I had a bad dream and so I climbed in bed with her and she really did sleep on the right side of the bed cuz I didn't wanna be squished." LOL!! Then today we were running errands. It's a vague rule of ours to not allow toys in the car because well, they just stay there. But today Maddi was playing and talking and feeding her baby doll and it was so sweet that I couldn't resist when she said that if she didn't take her, the baby would certainly cry and be really loud. We even took the baby in the store, and she insisted it be strapped into the seat and all. As we were leaving the store we had to cross a small strip of road, my kids have a healthy respect for streets in general and have heard "take my finger or I take your hand" more times than even I can count. But she insisted that she had to hold her baby's hand so Lexi and I walked ever slowly, apparently not slowly enough because out of nowhere Maddi yells "come on people, slow it down!! We have little legs here!" I laughed the whole way home.. I just love it when kids are so astute and state the complete obvious that sometimes we as adults forget. Not long ago Jordan who was six at the time did just that. We had been traveling down the highway when I spotted a jet way up in the perfectly clear blue sky, it was so high up there it was almost a speck. I told all the kids to look out their windows and tell me what they saw. Jordan spotted it right away, and off we went on a discussion of how airplanes worked and such when he asked a very good question. "Do people actually ride in those mom?" "well, yeah they do" and he says, "mom, they must be really tiny people!" My favorite has to be from a couple of years ago though, when Lexi was 3. It was a few weeks from Halloween and we were again riding in the car having discussions as we often do. I asked all the kids what their final choice for Halloween costumes were, as a rule they have to decide a few weeks before because I am not changing from a dinosaur to a monkey trainer again, just aint happening. So all of the kids go off naming their choices, Lexi had been pretty consistant with princess and so I wasn't surprised when that was what she rattled off. "mom, what are you going to be for Halloween-are you going to be a pretty princess too?" she asked. I was thinking "awww, how sweet that she thinks of me as a princess". I said "oh, well I don't think I can be as pretty of a princess as you honey" and she comes back with "well you could be pretty if ya really wanted to, you just gotta put a lot of makeup on mom" well, ok then!
Have a great day!