Saturday, July 5, 2008

new chapters

So, our weight loss contest has been over for a month! It doesnt seem possible to me. The year is more than half over already and the kids go back to school next month. How time flies! I reached my weight loss goals and can actually say that I am very proud of myself. I have slacked off of the exercizing which is very bad I know, and Tim and I keep saying we will go back tomorrow-tomorrow isnt coming! I will get back at some point, I gotta! I don't wanna end up back where I was..

So whereas I still hope to be able to give and get support from all everyone regarding our health and our weightloss, I have an inkling that this will become more of a normal blog on my life in general. I will not pronise anything specacular or even remotely insightfull, in fact it may be downright boring. But this is my life, so be it!

I wont promise to post everyday, it just wont happen! But I hope you read it anyways....