Friday, January 23, 2009

You guys Rock!

Thanks so much for all of your great words and support. I am so over what my lovely daughter told me yesterday. I think I was already frustrated because I have been an emotional wreck the last week or so. I had to have a hysterectomy a few years ago (at age 27) and was "fortunate" enough to have one ovary left. I was told it would save me form hormone replacement therapy in the long run, I thought putting up with the continual ovarian cysts, extreme belly pain and ovulation from hell would be worth it to avoid hormones. But the last month I have started having massive hot flashes like right after the surgery, I have horrid insomnia on top of my girls having night terrors so it feels like I am half asleep all day. Then there's my hormones!! I am irrational and emotional and I internally pick on myself all day. That's why I was so excited to do this, I know y'all look at me and wonder why I would want to lose weight. Really, I don't care about losing the weight! I really just want to re-train my brain to think rationally about loving myself before I drive myself and my poor husband crazy. I want to also be healthy, aerobically I am nearly dead. I would guarantee any one of you ladies could kick my butt aerobically, I know that its important to change that to make my organs healthier. I also have wanted to tone up for years. Having babies changes our bodies. We basically sacrifice ourselves for them from the moment of conception!! Thank your mothers ladies, they did the same for us. So, when Lexi said that it took me by surprise and it kinda stung. I know that my arms aren't that bad, but it is an area I do want to work on. If anyone has any great arm workouts, I would appreciate your input! And thank you so much again for your support, it means so much to me!!


Christi said...

OH Honey, I know what you mean. And the hormoone crap does NOT help! If it makes you feel any better, Deleny told me Tuesday that my bottom was too big in my chair....nice. :) love ya

Karilynn said...

Wow! I'm so sorry you are going through all of this AGAIN! I actually love the fact that you are doing this even though you are the SMALLEST (by far) girl in this competition! I get the need to emotionally devote yourself to loving who you are. Arm workouts... it might be worth meeting with a trainer at least once to get a really good weight program for toning those arms... although... I did have to go back to the bikini pics after that post and was VERY confused as I was unable to see ANY flab on those arms! ;o)

Kristi said...

Isn't it wonderful having our women parts and everything that goes along with them!!??

I think we've both mentioned this before, but you and I are a lot alike in our goals for this competition. We don't need to lose a lot of weight (although we do have some toning to do). But mainly it's getting back to caring about our bodies and having healthy habits. I need to control my eating & snacking. It was off the charts crazy! And I was gaining about a pound a month because of it. Can't blame my added weight on the twins! Also, exercise is so important for our bodies, so I want to get disciplined to have that part of a regular routine also. Anyway, I totally get ya on all of that!!!

Ok, so I saw your comment on someone else's blog (crap, can't remember who right now) about the Paula Abdul dance/aerobic video from 1990!! OMG!!! MY all time favorite too! I'm not kidding. I used that vide about 8 years ago to lose 25 pounds in 3 months. It kicks my butt. I look like a complete fool doing it because I totally can't do the hip hop kind of dance moves, but it's super fun! I would give anything to be able to do that video right now, but I have it on VHS and I don't have a VHS player anymore! I wonder if they even have it on DVD since it was so long ago. Dang!!!

Kristi said...

It's funny how we post comments on each other's blogs as a way to communicate back & forth! That would be awesome if you could copy that onto a DVD for me. Just let me know what I owe you. And when you are ready to mail it I'll give you my address. Yeah, me & Paula back at it!! I can't wait!

Yeah, definitely we'll get together when I come out there then. We're doing a trip in Feb or March and then another one this summer.

Love to Lose said...

Holly, stand back from a wall about 3 feet. Put your arms against it (when your elbow heals) and do about 3 sets of 20 push outs as many times a day as you can. It works (if you do it.....)
Love you!